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2009 November 18 — Why Now?
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Simply Amazing

CNN reports that Senate leader unveils $849 billion health care bill. Early reviews are that it is an amazing 2000+ page bill that accomplishes the near impossible task of being even worse than the House bill.

It’s not that it isn’t perfect, it isn’t even mediocre. This is a demonstratively bad bill that is designed solely to help insurance companies by forcing people to buy worthless insurance policies. It is partially financed by a tax on good insurance policies, which means that companies with certainly dump those, so everyone, including people who currently have good policies will feel the pain.

It’s time for a third party that actually promotes the interests of the people in this country, not the corporations.

Update: on page 618 they restore funding to the total failure that was the abstinence only education program. The funding was cut because it was worthless; it failed to meet any of the goals; the teen pregnancy rate went up where it was used. Why are taxpayers spending money on faith-based failures, while needed programs are unfunded?

November 18, 2009   8 Comments

Florida Is Weird

The Orlando Sentinel says that a Web site names Florida strangest state.

Not surprising when the Orlando Sentinel hosts FloriDUH and the St. Petersburg Times hosts Bizarre Florida, both of which feature the odd news from around the Sunshine State.

It warms my civic pride that a plurality of the stories come from my area. I defy you to find another area with drive by spelling corrections to hate signs.

November 18, 2009   2 Comments

Scheduled Maintenance Friday

This Friday between 11AM and 5PM CST [1700 – 2300 UTC] the place will be closed for maintenance by my hosting company.

I know it will be tough, but you’ll have to find somewhere else to go during those hours. There will be Cat Blogging and if a hurricane pops up it will be covered at the Why Now annex [Note to self: better empty the trash and sweep out the cobwebs over there].

November 18, 2009   Comments Off on Scheduled Maintenance Friday