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2009 November 14 — Why Now?
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Not A Local Problem

The ABC reports on something that is definitely not a problem for the local holiday season: Adelaide pageant crowd feels the heat

Adelaide’s 77th Christmas Pageant has drawn a crowd of around 224,000 people, almost 100,000 less than last year.

Organisers have blamed the extreme heat for keeping numbers down.

When it is in the upper 90s I would have a hard time working up the old Christmas spirit. Heat stroke is not something that is associated with the season in North America. The thought of dressing up as Old St. Nick at temperatures like that would involve a good deal of alcohol, over ice, in a cooler.

I can see why they started so early, before it got really hot.

Update: Apparently this is unusual: Adelaide’s record heatwave continues

Never before has Adelaide experienced a heatwave in November – and the weather bureau’s Brett Gage says it will have lasted eight consecutive days.

“It’s a real standout event for November, so I would expect it to stand,” he said.

Zoos have been closed, outdoor markets cancelled and charity events postponed.

This is not good news for the bushfire season, as the high temperatures will be drying out the grass and brush.

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