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2009 November 15 — Why Now?
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Get A Grip!

The hysteria from the wingnuts is almost unbelievable, if you hadn’t noticed how totally out of touch with reality they have been for years.

The most important thing everyone needs to remember about the various and sundry “terror” trials, and the movement of people from Guantanamo to prisons in the US, is the identity of those who have been telling you that these people are “the worst of the worst”: the same people who said that there was no doubt that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

I played a role in putting some people into Block D at the New York State prison at Attica, who should never be allowed out for any reason. There is one person in particular that could take out everyone at Guantanamo, if he thought it was amusing. I feel certain that every state prison has at least one of these types of sociopaths, and feel certain that large states have several.

The Federal prison system, especially the Super-max prisons, are designed for these types of people, and they don’t escape. They contain the heads of drug cartels that are responsible for hundreds of murders, but no one tried to put them on the US version of Devil’s Island.

The Federal courts in New York City tried and convicted those involved in the first attempt to destroy the World Trade Center, so they can certainly handle Khalid Sheik Mohammed, since he is apparently hellbent on being a martyr.

If we don’t follow our own laws, the terrorists have won.

November 15, 2009   5 Comments