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2009 November 23 — Why Now?
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Nice Timing

If the Congress ever actually does anything about health insurance reform, it will probably be just in time to watch the last doctor stop accepting insurance patients.

While Congress has been worried about not threatening insurance companies, doctors have become so fed up with trying to deal with them and their denial of claims that they are moving to pre-paid or COD practices. While insurance companies executives have been making the big bucks, doctors and other health care providers have had to hire more billing clerks just to get paid.

This means that people will be expected to deal with insurance companies directly to get reimbursed for money they have already spent. Given the problems that doctors have getting paid, I think we can anticipate even larger profits for insurance companies.

Patients don’t like insurance companies, and doctors don’t like insurance companies, so why is Congress writing bills to benefit insurance companies?

November 23, 2009   3 Comments