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What A Great Idea

Rumor has it the Rupert Murdock is negotiating with Microsoft over the “rights” to search News Corpse sites.

What a fantastic concept – really. This means that Google News searches won’t be clogged with Rupert’s dross, and all of the wingers will be using Bing.

Like all of the other “media moguls”, Rupert is in hock for everything he bought, and he needs to get his hands on actual cash to pay off some of his debt or he’ll be back to selling papers from a street cart in a village somewhere.

On paper, Murdock is a wealthy man. The paper is now down below what is used in public toilets. These guys have been living large on credit card checks for a very long time, and people are finally demanding real money. Leveraged buyouts are a scam, a form of Ponzi scheme, and now the con men have to pay for what they bought because the easy credit is gone.


1 Kryten42 { 11.24.09 at 7:59 pm }

Oh yeah!! I was PMSL bigtime! If there is ANY justice whatsoever, they will destroy each other! Ahhh… Talk about your fantasies! 😉 I can but hope… 😀

Great coverage of this here (very big article with lot’s of links and background):
Google’s (Staff) Index Poisoned by Microsoft

Summary: Google makes a mistake by hiring from the company that’s attacking it, but Microsoft is left without response to Google; Microsoft and Murdoch turn out to be colluding, Icahn style.

In other M$ news (there is a lot!!)

M$ helps destroy the FAA and NASA or… “Why it’s not safe to fly commercially” and “Why NASA’s current programs SUCK!”

Windows at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and NASA

This is what M$ does. They seed committees with M$ stooges to open doors for to seel thier garbage.
Microsoft Builds Coalitions of NGOs, Makes Political and Educational Changes

To be continued… 😉

2 Bryan { 11.24.09 at 9:24 pm }

I don’t imagine anyone at News Corpse is aware of the robots.txt file. If you don’t want Google indexing your site, a couple of lines and they stop. It’s really tough to do… oh, wait, I do it to limit the ‘bots to actual pages, rather than having my bandwidth wasted as they look through the php files.

One techie writes it and they put a copy at all their sites. Microsoft is probably going to charge them a gazillion bucks for this, where as you or I would be happy to do it for half that… 😈

It will be a lot of fun when Google doesn’t renew their feed license for Rupert’s crap. Talk about a revenue hit.

I don’t know, there is always a danger of something bad happening when so few brains have access to so much money. Think about Rupert returning to Australia and washing windowscreens to get enough money to buy a suburban weekly… or some cheap wine. I don’t think “Sir” Rupert is in the cards.

3 Kryten42 { 11.24.09 at 10:27 pm }

LOL Oh yeah… I’m not greedy! I’d be happy with a qtr gazillion for that! 😆

I just finished a curious article that reveals a lot about why M$ sux so much. 🙂 This little tidbit was something I’d known, but haven’t heard a former senior M$ employee state with such obvious naivety, and given her roll as an exec for so long… It does boggle the mind.

“You sort of go through a midlife crisis. We were all hired really young,” she says. “I can remember being there in ’89 … and there would be somebody who was vice president of something or other and they looked like they were 28.”

Responsibility came quickly at Microsoft.

“Within two years I was managing a team of 50 people. I was managing managers,” she says. “I remember when I started managing managers, and I’d never managed people before. I only managed people for about two months, and then they said, ‘OK, manage managers.’ Now I’m coaching people on how to become a manager, which I don’t recommend.”

“Every six months I was going through reviews and hiring more people,” despite the fact that she didn’t have a business background.

If she ever felt intimidated, she could take solace in the fact that “everybody around you doesn’t know what they’re doing either, because they’re all really young.”

She, like other Microsoft employees, dressed casually in jeans and T-shirts, and recalls meetings with employees at traditional computer companies like IBM and Dell.

The culture at Microsoft was one of frequent change. “You change jobs about every year and a half. They just kind of believe in the philosophy of shake the tree and see what falls out,” she says, laughing. “You were constantly on your toes.”

Learning a new lingo

I seriously do not understand exactly how m$ got so big! I mean… there are SO many reasons why they should have failed. And I know it was mostly timing etc, and the fact that the Dweeb and his family were totally unscrupulous etc. I suspect also the very fact that everyone was so young meant that the IBM’s of the World just simply didn’t take them at all seriously, maybe even figured they could wrap these naive youngsters around their fingers, etc. Which I guess proves that old adage “There’s no fool like an old fool!”

4 Kryten42 { 11.24.09 at 10:58 pm }

*sigh* I hit ‘Post’ instead of ‘Preview’ again! 😉 LOL (It’s HOT and I’m annoyed with school!)


From ‘BoycottNovel’ (where I found that article):

That’s the same Time magazine that glorifies its founders and publishes articles from the Gates Foundation itself (husband of the head). Those who engage in research into the Gates Foundation will discover its many dark sides, which are always concealed by extensive PR that acts as a moral shield. The above suggests that Microsoft garners influence groups, such as Ignition Partners. People who leave Microsoft sometimes continue to serve Microsoft as alumni.

…to be continued (stupid antispam!)…

5 Kryten42 { 11.24.09 at 10:59 pm }


One of Microsoft’s most effective illusions of “charity” is internally known as EDGI. It is ultra-anti-competitive, possibly illegal. It is still ongoing, but the public identity of it changes (”Unlimited Potential”, “*Spark”, “Elevate America”, et cetera). We are currently finding more dumping against Free/libre software. Here, for example, is “BizSpark One”

I have ALWAYS said that the Gates Foundation and his vaunted philanthropy were a total sham. I’ve known gates since he was a student, he’s a paranoid narcissistic sociopathic dweeb. Trust me. Nobody liked him then, and with good reason. If it wasn’t for his parents and their positions of influence that got him going (he had very little to do with the early days, except as a figure head), he’d be just another antisocial bum that everyone just ignores.

As for Rupert returning here, I think his son Lochie would much prefer he didn’t, except maybe in a casket. LOL He’s pretty pissed about being conned into the OneTel debacle with Packer by their respective Dad’s 🙂 On the plus side, I suspect the OneTel debacle will go home to roost at Rupert’s doorstep. 😀

I’d been offered shares and a stake in OneTell by one of it’s creators that I’d had some unfortunate dealing with in the 80’s, Jodee Rich. He’s called a ‘visionary’! His problem is, he envisions things which are ALWAYS impractical and always fail! He’s a fool, and anyone who trust him is a fool! I wasn’t a fool. 😉
ABC Unleashed: OneTel…one big debacle

About the only real difference between Rich and Gates, is that Rich doesn’t have Gates parents. Still, he manged to con a lot of people out of a lot of money!

6 Bryan { 11.24.09 at 11:07 pm }

They succeeded because IBM didn’t take the PC business seriously. They didn’t really start looking at what was going on until it was too late to change course. The entire PC operation was essentially a throw-away concept that didn’t intrude on the mind of corporate until the big iron sales guys starting complaining about losing business, initially the terminal, and then the Displaywriter sales, to the PC.

The serious people didn’t look at what was going on, or how the deal with Microsoft was structured until it was too late. As an IBM executive, Momma Gates knew how things worked and she set it up to get her boy out of the garage.

The same propaganda campaign about compatibility that IBM used to protect PC sales, came back to bite them when they tried to go with OS2. To add salt to the wound, the OS2 introduction showed a lot of people that you didn’t have to pay IBM hardware prices, you just had to run MS-DOS, as opposed to PC-DOS.

IBM, as a corporation, really didn’t believe that the Boca Raton unit had a prayer of being profitable, so they waited too long to attempt their standard approach to dealing small companies – M$ wasn’t small and struggling when they tried.

7 Bryan { 11.24.09 at 11:34 pm }

The thing everyone needs to remember about many former M$ employees is that a major portion of their compensation in the early years was stock and many of them still have options they haven’t exercised, so even after they leave they have a vested interest.

The Gates Foundation is a tax dodge and PR tool. What actually effective work they manage to do is a result of Mrs. Gates, not Bill. The people who advise him tell him what to back for the best effect on both his taxes and the M$ bottom line. The majority of his wealth is still linked to stock, so he is going to promote the brand whether or not he has an official title.

The guy has no vision. The company is reactive, and uses it financial power to muscle into markets someone else creates. After someone else does something creative, M$ buys into the market with a usually flaky and inferior product.

They had a nice traffic counting product. Their CPM card for the Apple ][ was good. Their mice aren’t bad. MBASIC was OK. That’s about it. Everything else is a derivative of someone else’s work, even when they have to kill something, like their Multiplan spreadsheet, that was actually a decent product for its time.

They are in trouble over Vista, and Win7 was introduced at the worse possible time to be a cash cow like the old days. I ignore them whenever possible.

8 LadyMin { 11.25.09 at 2:32 pm }

Murdock and Micro$oft …. a match made in heaven!
.-= last blog ..Red-tailed Hawk =-.

9 Bryan { 11.25.09 at 4:18 pm }

Yeah, but don’t go submitting a bid for less than a quarter gazillion dollars to stop Google from indexing Rupert’s sites, because that’s the minimum tax on stupid for moguls. 😉