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Florida Is Different

The Tampa Bay Times covers the discussion on city security arrangements for the GOP convention: Showdown looms on GOP convention protest rules

What remains is a sweeping proposal to create a designated protest area near the convention site, plus a much larger “Clean Zone” covering downtown and surrounding areas.

Inside the Clean Zone, virtually anything that could be used as a weapon — with one big exception — would be banned. The city also would establish permit procedures for parades and demonstrations in the Clean Zone, and set a 60-minute time limit on parades and rallies in the zone.

Still, Tampa officials say no amount of tweaking could stop gun owners with concealed weapons permits from bringing their guns to the protests.

That’s because the Legislature passed a 2011 law prohibiting cities from enacting any rules of their own on guns, and socking them with big fines if they do.

You can’t have a water pistol, but a Glock 10mm, no problem. Is this state insane or what?

They are going to force all of the various groups that are demonstrating into a ‘free speech zone’ and some of them are probably going to be armed. This is in the summer, in Florida, so the temperatures and tempers are going to be hot.

I do not envy the cops who have to work this event. This is one of the many reasons the police did not support all of the recent gun legislation – it makes their job more dangerous.

April 4, 2012   Comments Off on Florida Is Different