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2012 April 19 — Why Now?
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The ‘Crusade’ Against Women

According to the BBC the Vatican orders crackdown on ‘radical’ nuns in the US

The Vatican has ordered a crackdown on a group of American nuns that it considers too radical.

It says the group is undermining Roman Catholic teaching on homosexuality and is promoting “feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith”.

The Leadership Conference of Women Religious is the largest organisation of Catholic nuns in the US.

Echidne goes to the core of the problem: the nuns are acting uppity.

‘Noz has a problem with the Vatican’s thinking that concentrating on “poverty and economic injustice, while keeping ‘silent’ on abortion and same-sex marriage” is a bad thing for the nuns to be doing.

Charlie Pierce pulls no punches in his view of this latest action by the Clan of the Red Beanie. Charlie notes that the Vatican is upset because the nuns didn’t support the lies of the US Conference of Bishops that Obamacare would provide government funding for abortions.

Charlie also outlines the recent history of the archbishop put in charge of the investigation and his judgement concerning child abusers among the priesthood.

It is beginning to look like the Vatican is conducting a purge.

April 19, 2012   6 Comments