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In Today’s News

Amazingly enough Duncan’s tenth blogiversary at Eschaton and the naming of Tom Friedman as the ‘Wanker of Decade’ is not the top story. Nor is the fact that this is the last day to file your Federal income tax return [or request and extension].

It turns out that the top story is a misunderstanding of the meaning of ‘Free Trade Agreement’ in Colombia.

Apparently the Secret Service advance team for the President’s visit, as well as assorted military personnel totally misunderstood what was to be signed, and assumed that their night of drunken debauchery at the Pl#yboy Club was going to be free. Of course when the ladies of negotiable affection and club owners demanded payment, the agents et al. were at a loss and left without making such payment.

Obviously this is going to require days of Congressional testimony, rather than arranging to pay the bill, firing those involved, and accepting the resignation of the director of the Secret Service. Despite the fact that ‘pay, fire, resign’ would be much cheaper and more efficient than even a week of Congressional hearings, the perverts in Congress are going to want to hear all of the details. 😈

April 17, 2012   2 Comments