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Lots of things going on while I was out playing lumberjack all day.

Santorum finally had his revelation that he was a loser, and if he had stayed in, he would have been rejected by Pennsylvania again. He hasn’t been out of office long enough for people to forget was a loser he was as a Senator. He may have finally understood that none of the people running for the Republicans have much of a chance to win this year, and if the candidates for President are a motley crew, potential running mates are even more pathetic.

Then you have the George Zimmerman meltdown. His defense attorneys quit, and he’s talking to Sean Hannity. He apparently also tried to talk to the special prosecutor, who refused to talk to him without his attorneys present, as is the normal procedure.

Zimmerman better hope he isn’t charged, because if he is, his chance of making bail having dropped to zero. When his attorneys said they have been out of contact with him, they awarded him the ‘flight risk’ card, and may have nudged him towards the ‘danger to community’ card by speculating on reasons for his actions.

All the guy had to do was to lay low and stay out of trouble and let his attorneys deal with everything. He is acting like he thinks he can exert control on the situation, and he can’t. He apparently doesn’t understand the standard warning ‘that anything you say may be used against you in court’ which is why attorneys tell you to shut up and don’t talk to anyone but them.

April 10, 2012   3 Comments