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Is Anyone Surprised?

CBS has a report on H-1B and B-1 visa abuse in the tech industry: Whistleblower calls out IT giant over U.S. jobs.

Listening to the testimony at the hearings over the H-1B visa programs to allow into the US foreign workers to fill tech jobs in US companies just made me angry. Hearing Gates and Jobs say that there was a shortage of American workers when I personally know people who were laid off after years in the tech industry, and couldn’t buy a job really got to me.

These guys presented the foreign workers as up-to-date with the current skills required when most of the big software packages you must be familiar with are subject to an export ban, and therefore weren’t legally available to the people they were bringing in. One lie after another to hide the reality that they wanted ‘slave labor’ to increase profits, and couldn’t care less how they did it.

April 12, 2012   2 Comments