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Two Years Ago

Gulf Gusher symbolTonight is the anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon explosion that killed 11 people and dumped millions of gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico for 5 months.

There is still oil in Gulf, and on our beaches under the sand. The Gulf’s environment is still seriously impacted, with sea life obviously sick and deformed, and I still wouldn’t recommend anyone eat anything caught in the Gulf.

The tourists are coming back, but Gulf fisheries may not.

Despite this reality, we have people starting to talk about opening up the Gulf to more drilling, and some of them are in the Florida legislature. If they keep it up, they may find that the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law has a lot of support among people who depend on a clean Gulf of Mexico for their livelihoods.

April 20, 2012   4 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

No Rest For The Wicked

Friday Cat Blogging

Damn paparazzi!

[Editor: Lucrezia was being her normal, nasty self. It took over a dozen shots before I got one with her face in it, and I had to enlist my neighbor’s help to do it.]

Friday Ark

April 20, 2012   5 Comments