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2012 April 09 — Why Now?
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Real Class

The BBC has a report that would seem to indicate that Israel really doesn’t like pacifists:

Israel has declared the German author Guenter Grass “persona non grata” and barred him from entering the country.

Grass, a Nobel laureate, recently criticised Israel in a poem.

In it, Grass condemned German arms sales to Israel, and said the Jewish state must not be allowed to launch military strikes against Iran.

Israeli interior minister Eli Yishai says Grass is not welcome because he has tried “to inflame hatred against the State and people of Israel.”

Yishai, the leader of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish party in Israel’s coalition government, suggested that Grass should go to Iran, “where he would find a sympathetic audience should he want to continue disseminating his warped and mendacious work.”

Glass condemns his own government for selling arms, and suggests that bombing other countries doesn’t solve problems, so “he must be anti-Semitic”.

I guess we can all ignore the fact that there is no credible intelligence showing that Iran is engaged in a nuclear arms program, and ignore Israel’s belief that they, and they alone, must be permitted to attack other countries without any penalty. It is perfectly alright with Israel that the world economy will go into a freefall if they attack and Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz. They are Israel and must not be criticized for any reason.

April 9, 2012   6 Comments