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2012 April 14 — Why Now?
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Old Guys Conversation

ring…ring Hey! How’s it going?

Not bad. I need to borrow your truck to go pick up some stuff to do some planting. The dirt and manure will fit fine in the car’s trunk, but I need a new … eh … damn, I’m having a Senior Moment and can’t remember the name of the thing. I’ve been looking and pricing them for a week, and now the word won’t come. It’s a cart with a pan for carrying dirt and stuff.

Well, I just put new tires on my … er … now, I’ve caught it. The metal thing with two wheels that you use to haul stuff.

No, I have one of those, but this is the single-wheeled thing, and the one I want has a plastic pan because the metal ones keep rusting out, especially after you mix concrete in them. My big one has a broken wheel, and the new one costs less than the wheel for my old one.

Sure, no problem with the truck.



I’m glad we figured that out. Be over as soon as I pump up the tires on my bike.

See you then.

April 14, 2012   2 Comments