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HaloScan Having Problems

Do not adjust your blog, HaloScan does not want to play tonight.

Normally this happens at around midnight [EST], but it is occurring at the moment. They must be upgrading again.

Success is also affecting Gravatar. They are upgrading and you can’t add or alter anything at the moment. You may have noticed the “lazy G” for people who don’t have a registered gravatar. That’s part of the V2.0 upgrade coming “real soon now.”


1 Steve Bates { 12.11.06 at 9:53 pm }

Ah. So it’s not just a problem from where I sit. I’d actually contribute money again to HaloScan if I thought it would help them, but I’m not at all sure that throwing more servers at the problem would cure what ails them.

I was about ready to turn off Gravatar in my HaloScan settings, but in the past few days Gravatar seems to have worked a bit better. At the moment, of course, it isn’t an issue.

Maybe it’s time for a snack and something to drink…

2 Bryan { 12.11.06 at 10:12 pm }

Of course, if you think Gravatar is a problem you can check here to see if it’s working. I rarely had problems with it, until just before the “Lazy G” started showing up, and found he was working on an upgrade when I decided to use the same avatar for everything.

I can’t get to the HaloScan site, so it may be some local problem beyond the comments server being down.

I often wish these guys would stop with the “improvements” and just give us a break for a year.