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Not Going To Happen

I keep hearing people like John McCain, who are supposed to be informed about the armed services of the US, talking about sending more troops to Iraq. It is really annoying for a very simple reason: THERE ARE NO MORE TROOPS!

If you go to the cupboard, it is not only bare, it is gone, as it the pantry it was in – zero, nada, nil, zilch, nothing.

To maintain, not increase but maintain, the current level of troops they have had to extend deployments, violate the rules on time between deployments, “borrow” people from other missions, violate the rules for the Reserve and National Guard.

Drop by your local military base and you will see civilian security people on the gate because the military doesn’t have the military policemen left to staff their own gates. Civilians are guarding convoys, because there are no military personnel available.

You should have demanded an increase in the military after 9-11, John, but you didn’t. The military is stretched to the limit because a bunch of idiots decided to test their “theories” during two wars, and unless something changes we could lose Afghanistan. We have lost Iraq, but there is a chance that Afghanistan might be saved if we concentrate the necessary resources there.


1 Steve Bates { 12.12.06 at 9:02 am }

Depressing… and more than a little scary. Who knew this could be done to our armed forces in just a few years.

As to McCain, he has lost all respectability. He has become just like the rest of “them.”

2 Bryan { 12.12.06 at 10:17 am }

When the civilians started manning the gates at the local bases I knew how bad it was. National Guard in the civilian airport, but civilians controlling entry to military bases show how messed up these people are.

3 ellroon { 12.12.06 at 5:10 pm }

Oh, but wait! Look here! Amazing and just in time!

Military meets, exceeds recruiting goals:
“The Army, which is bearing the brunt of the work in Iraq, did the best. It signed up 6,485 new recruits in November compared with its target of 6,150 — meaning 105 percent of its goal.

All the services turned in similar performances in October as well, meaning they so far are meeting their goals for the 2007 budget year that began Oct. 1.

“The services are starting off well,” said Maj. Stewart Upton, a Pentagon spokesman.”

I kinda remember they lowered the recruiting goal amount a while back, and they lowered the IQ level, drug involvement amount, and grades…. but looky here! Now we can invade Iran!

4 Bryan { 12.12.06 at 6:52 pm }

They know and I know that 6,500 a month won’t even cover the guys leaving at the end of their contracts, much less the casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The DoD has been talking about a 13% fatality rate, which is the same as saying for every death there are 7 wounded. That number does not included non-combat disease and injuries.