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Piddling On The Poodle

In a statement of the obvious the BBC headline reads: Blair ‘failed to influence Bush’.

The Chatham House report found that, despite military, political and financial sacrifices by the UK, Mr Blair had been unable to influence the Bush administration in “any significant way”.

It said there was no evidence British pressure had led to Mr Bush accepting a two-state solution in the Middle East.

“Blair has learned the hard way that loyalty in international politics counts for nothing,” said Professor Bulmer-Thomas.

“And his successor will not make the same mistake of offering unconditional support for US initiatives in foreign policy at the expense of a more positive relationship with Europe.”

Not content to leave well enough alone and acknowledge the obvious: Blair stands by US relationship.

“People know that, whether it’s Israel/Palestine, or it’s sorting out the economic problems of the region, or it’s on any of the major challenges that face our world today – from climate change through to world trade through to global poverty through to the fight against terrorism – whether in Afghanistan, Iraq or elsewhere – it can’t be done without America.”

He added: “If you back away from [the relationship with America], and give it up because you get under pressure from parts of the media or public opinion, we’ll pay a very heavy price in the future.

“That’s my belief as prime minister and, if you really want to know, I think that most people when they’re actually in the position, having to take the decisions, will come to the same view”.

I don’t want to dump on poor Tony, but the world is fighting climate change, global poverty, and most other things without the United States because of the Shrubbery. He doesn’t listen to his father or much of anyone else, so Tony you had no chance. Your relationship was all one-sided.


1 jamsodonnell { 12.20.06 at 2:36 am }

Steve posted on this too and as I said there, Blair is long past his sell by date. He has been talking about standing down for some time now. I say stand down now and giove his successor (almost certainly Gordon Brown – I simply cant see anyone beating him in a leadershup contest) the time to turn Labour’s fortunes around.

I have been a Labout party member for over 20 years and the last few years have been a serious test on my loyalty. That doesn’t mean to say we don’t owe Blair a huge debt of gratitude – he led us to an unprecedented third victory and his first term was genuinely progressive – but he is now a serious liability.

2 Karen { 12.20.06 at 12:17 pm }

I heard he is going to be around til this summer? (How stupid is that…so much for the *immediate response* to the vote of No Confidence.) And as for piddling on him…this is FULL-On-Poo-Flinging Episode! *wink*

3 Bryan { 12.20.06 at 1:06 pm }

He did so well before Bush came in that it is a shame that he has blown his legacy by aligning with the US under the Shrubbery. He is apparently hoping for some miracle to leave on a high note, and that isn’t going to happen. It would have been better for all concerned if he had “retired” immediately following the last election, that would have been his last “victory” and a fitting time to leave.

I notice you are backing a number two Jams. Good luck on that, as Gordon Brown may not want to stay after he realizes that his job will be cleaning up the stables after the “elephants” have gone.

I think it could well get worse, Karen, as more and more people decide they don’t want to wait, and nothing improves.