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Florida Is Weird

The Orlando Sentinel says that a Web site names Florida strangest state.

Not surprising when the Orlando Sentinel hosts FloriDUH and the St. Petersburg Times hosts Bizarre Florida, both of which feature the odd news from around the Sunshine State.

It warms my civic pride that a plurality of the stories come from my area. I defy you to find another area with drive by spelling corrections to hate signs.


1 Badtux { 11.19.09 at 11:51 am }

I keep telling people that Carl Hiaasen’s books should be filed under “non-fiction” in the bookstores, and people refuse to believe me. Oh well, we know the truth, don’t we? ;).

2 Bryan { 11.19.09 at 12:09 pm }

Keep in mind that he lives in the relatively sane part of the state, if you track the reporting. You need Bible thumping conservative Republicans for the truly strange, especially if it involves farm animals.