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More Garbage

CNN says: Reid will no longer take free boxing tickets. There’s a problem with that headline that you can figure out if you read very closely – Reid was never given boxing tickets.

Promoters are required to reserve an area at boxing matches in Nevada for the state boxing commission. Access to that area, by law, has no value and it is illegal to pay for access. McCain didn’t pay for his “tickets”; he made a donation to charity. He wasn’t given a ticket; like Reid, he was given credentials as a VIP to sit in the commission area by the ring.

The thing about Nevada is they have some really strict laws about what state employees and agencies involved with gambling can and can’t do. Don’t seek a job there if you enjoy gambling, because businesses aren’t allowed to treat you like the every day off the street gamblers who get free food and drinks.

Is fact checking so difficult?


1 Michael { 06.01.06 at 7:52 pm }

Fact-checking seems to be a lost art. Maybe the density of the Shrubbery has choked the life out of all fact-checkers within a certain range of Washington?

2 Jim { 06.01.06 at 8:18 pm }

Fact-checking is *most* difficult when the facts don’t align with one’s position. Human nature being what it is, most people will simply skip the anxiety-inducing process of fact checking so as not to disturb their position (or their prejudices, for that matter).

3 Bryan { 06.01.06 at 9:44 pm }

I had an uncle who worked for the Nevada Gaming Commission. You did not take him with you to a casino because you got no bennies. They live and die from gambling, but they get very Puritan about it.

Reid was a boxer and a state politician, so there’s no way he would have step over the line. Frankly, he has more than a little bit of the Puritan in him.