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2006 June 09 — Why Now?
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What is wrong with these people?

Zarqawi had multiple warrants from multiple countries out for him. Jordan had convicted him in absentia for capital offenses that he bragged about committing. There was no one claiming he was innocent.

He was killed for his crimes, which included intentionally targeting innocent children to further his cause. Understand, these were in no way “collateral damage”: the gruesome deaths of the children were the object of some of his attacks near schools.

No one needed to know how he was located, only that he was located and killed; news that was celebrated by Muslims in many countries, including people who hate the US.

Why has the world been treated to a series of officials talking about the “sources and methods” used to track him down? “Sources and methods” are the crown jewels of intelligence. These are the things you spend the most resources protecting from discovery. These are precisely what you do not want the opposition to know.

You don’t have to use duress to get these people to tell you everything they know; you just have to stick a microphone in their face.

June 9, 2006   2 Comments

Friday Cat Blogging

Why I put up with her

Friday Cat Blogging

I was a cute kitten.

[Editor: Ringo has not been a good kitty today. You really should spay or neuter cats before they mature.

Friday Ark

June 9, 2006   10 Comments