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2006 June 29 — Why Now?
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Around The Bend

CNN reports that a priest believes that Warren Buffett is a Nazi:

“The merger of Gates and Buffett may spell doom for the families of the developing world,” said the Rev. Thomas Euteneuer, a Roman Catholic priest who is president of Human Life International.

Referring to Josef Mengele, the infamous Nazi death camp doctor, Euteneuer said Buffett “will be known as the Dr. Mengele of philanthropy unless he repents.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gives some money to Planned Parenthood, but does not permit its gifts to be used for abortion services. Yes, folks, family planning equates to torture and mass murder. Finding a way to stop malaria means nothing if you hand out condoms.

Let’s be clear on this: these people don’t give a damn what happens to children after they are born.

June 29, 2006   2 Comments

The Old Boy Network

What happens when the “best man” for a job is a woman?

The Pensacola Beach Blogger found the answer in a story in the Pensacola News Journal.

You have to wonder if these people will ever grow up. The woman is over-qualified for the job, so they have to throw away all of the time and money invested so they don’t have to hire her. Pathetic.

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Outsourcing Satire

Adam Felber has re-worked his site, Fanatical Apathy, to become a group blog, including posts from Chris Regan of Mythstory, but he’s have a hard time competing with the public statements of politicians when it comes to satire.

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Yeah, Right – Trust Us

From CNN – VA laptop recovered; FBI says data not accessed:

The FBI, in a statement from its Baltimore field office, said a preliminary review of the equipment by its computer forensic teams “has determined that the data base remains intact and has not been accessed since it was stolen.” More tests were planned, however.

Newly discovered documents show that the VA analyst blamed for losing the laptop had received permission to work from home with data that included millions of Social Security numbers and other personal information on veterans and military personnel.

There is no real way of knowing if everything on the disk was copied. You can check the date/time stamp on files and audit trails, if they have been activated, on the data base, but there’s no real way of knowing what went on with that drive.

It’s also nice that they found out that their data administrator didn’t break the rules, the rules were just terrible. Incompetence is rampant because this stuff is basic, things you learn in introductory courses.

June 29, 2006   4 Comments

Nice Headline

Top story on CNN’s front page: Supreme Court voids Bush’s ‘blank check’

June 29, 2006   2 Comments

Scrushy Scrushed

From CNN:

[Former Health South CEO Richard ] Scrushy was accused of arranging $500,000 in donations to Siegelman’s campaign for a state lottery in exchange for a seat on a state hospital regulatory board.

Oh, yeah, former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman, the reason the Democratic Party in Alabama is almost as corrupt on the Boy Scouts [yes, Virginia, in Alabama even the Boy Scouts “cook their books”] was convicted as the other half of this pay for play scheme.

Scrushy had escaped in an earlier trial. He “Enron”-ed Health South.

June 29, 2006   4 Comments

Another One Bites The Dust


CNN has the details.

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