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2006 June 13 — Why Now?
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Time For A Photo Op

Even the death of Zarqawi hasn’t helped the poll numbers after Haditha and the Gitmo suicides are factored in, so it was time for the new and improved visit to Iraq. This time the Shrubbery proved that things were better by leaving the airport to go to the Green Zone, and flying in during the day.

I’m sure Iraqis are really impressed with their sovereignty when their elected leader was called to an imperial audience with the Shrubbery on five minutes notice.

The Shrubbery was apparently worn out by the flight because the sound clips all feature him correctly pronouncing the name of the country instead of using the pseudo-redneck “Eye-rack” that was the norm for so long. He has had a lot of trouble lately staying in character as a West Texas “goat-roper”.

June 13, 2006   4 Comments

Rover On A Leash

First, don’t hold your breath waiting to see the letter that Rove received from Fitzgerald; it probably spells out what Karl has to do to avoid indictment. The way things work he wouldn’t get a deal for testifying against Libby, because the Libby case is wrapped in ribbons. He has to rat out someone higher in the food chain to stay out of criminal trouble. I don’t see him going hunting with Cheney anytime soon.

It will be interesting to see if Republicans avoid telling Rove any secrets, because they have to know that Fitzgerald has “turned” Rove, and anything they say to him could be repeated in court.

[This could be my opinion, or it might be psy-ops to make Republicans nervous.]

June 13, 2006   1 Comment