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2006 June 03 — Why Now?
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Chicken or Egg

We are having our local festival for tourism this weekend, so naturally there are fireworks because everything down here is celebrated by blowing things up.

When I was living in San Diego the annual celebration was the re-trial of the mayor, Roger Hedgecock, who like all convicted Republican crooks is now a talk radio host.

You have to wonder: do they become Republicans in California because they are crooks, or does becoming a Republican make them crooks?

When they caught Randall Harold Cunningham the surprise was he got caught, not that he wasn’t very ethical, and now they are following the web that was spun around him.

ABC notes that there are questions about Charles Jeremy “Jerry” Lewis a California Republican but, naturally, Lewis Denies Wrongdoing in Lobbyist Case. The case involves Bill Lowery, who I remember as a guy who couldn’t balance his checkbook and who was replaced by “Duke” Cunningham when Lowery decided he needed to spend more time with someone’s kids before things reached the discovery stage.

Now skippy has a bit about Republican congressional candidate Jim Galley, who can’t seem to remember when he’s married or if he has kids.

You’d think that after all this time the voters in San Diego county would figure out that it doesn’t matter which Republican you vote for, because they are all crooks.

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