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2006 June 20 — Why Now?
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Attack Hamster Unleashed

CNN is reporting that the U.S. activates missile defense system.

Who is going to put the tracking device in the North Korean warhead? Who is going to program the missile to fly the necessary course? Do you think the interceptors will actually launch if someone punches a launch button? Will they remember to open the doors on the silo?

June 20, 2006   6 Comments

Everything Changed on 11/02/04

When the Shrubbery was re-elected the world’s good will towards Americans vanished. The excuse that we didn’t know what a jerk he was lost its value: people saw what he had done and re-elected him, so Americans were as guilty as their government for everything the US did around the world after that point.

As this Christian Science Monitor article, Kiwis have turned sour on Americans, shows even New Zealand has turned against individual Americans, and not simply the American government. It’s like being beaten up by your best friend from high school.

The South Korean government won’t take our government’s word for what the North Korean government is doing. The South Koreans have been our closest allies on the Asian mainland since the Korean War, and now they don’t trust us.

Decades of confidence building throughout the world have been flushed down the toilet by the delusions of these people. The overwhelming good will the world offered to the US after the 9/11 attacks has been wasted.

For those people who don’t think it matters: ask yourself, who buys the bonds that finance the Shrubbery’s obscene deficits.

June 20, 2006   4 Comments


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June 20, 2006   2 Comments

No Longer Willing

Stupid Too

The BBC has the details.

June 20, 2006   4 Comments

Passing the Plate [very late]

Florida License Plates

Florida Plate Blogging


Standard Florida Plate

A weekend feature of Why Now.

June 20, 2006   4 Comments

Coalition of the Willing?


See All Hat and No Cattle for the context.

June 20, 2006   4 Comments