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2006 June 10 — Why Now?
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Republican Brain Trust

Maru liked the headline, Manatee reacts to al-Zarqawi death, but I saw it as another example of rudeness, when local Republicans literally toasted the man’s death at a meeting.

I’m reminded of the essay, “Of Cannibals”, by Michel Eyquem de Montaigne. Living at a time of religious wars and plague, de Montaigne would immediately understand 21st century America.

The article also highlights a problem of entrusting the military to mortgage brokers:

NANCY DETERT, U.S. congressional candidate: “I was delighted to hear the news. I can think of no better punishment than a 500-pound bomb falling on his head. Hopefully, it will help cutting off the head of the snake. Still, it’s hard fighting a guerrilla war when the enemy is not wearing a uniform.”

Excuse me, Ms. Detert, but the lack of uniforms is a defining element of guerrilla wars and capturing him and trying him for his crimes would have reduced his status in the Muslim world.

While it is definitely a “good thing” that he has been “neutralized”, that doesn’t always mean killing someone. From an intelligence standpoint, he would have been more useful alive. Even if he never talked, his network couldn’t be sure, and that uncertainty would have been more disruptive than his death. It would have been nice, but local conditions may have made it impossible.

June 10, 2006   2 Comments

Katrina Evacuees

53rd Weather Reconnaissance Squadron [USAFR]
403rd Wing, Keesler AFB, Biloxi, Mississippi

Because of the damage caused by hurricane Katrina to Keesler AFB, the “Hurricane Hunters” are having to fly from Dobbins Air Reserve Base near Atlanta, Georgia.

June 10, 2006   2 Comments

Oh, Canada

While Bobby is correct in his post, Offending Canada, I like the way Canadian Broadcasting is dealing with issue.

In an article in the Entertainment section they note: Alleged bomb plot ripe for comedians Stewart, Letterman

The arrests were reported by media around the world and, during a hearing on Capitol Hill on Thursday, U.S. congressman John Hostettler said that Canada is in denial about the threat of terrorism within its own borders.

“The alleged planned targets today may be in Canada, but the way the law is now and the ease of travel between the two countries will allow for the next series of targets to potentially be in the United States,” Hostettler, an Indiana Republican, said in an interview with CBC News on Friday.

“There is a porous border between the United States and Canada,” Hostettler said, adding it’s “of tremendous concern to myself and a lot of other legislators here.”

This on a day when the Department of Energy revealed that their nuclear weapons computers were hacked. It would appear that the Canadian border isn’t quite as porous as US computer security or the Congressman’s head.

To help Rep. Hostettler feel more secure, I think we should give life without parole to people who attempt to get on commercial airliners with a loaded gun in their carry-on bag. Failing that, a pacifier with an elephant on it.

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The eternal war between the owners of bird feeders and squirrels has reached a new level with the sighting of squirrels in body armor. Reliable sources indicate that the squirrels have managed to obtain the vests through hamsters associated with Adnan Khashoggi.

Dr. Laurie Mylroie has claimed that the escalation is being financed by protection money paid by Iranian pistachio growers to the squirrels.

Dr. Mylorie noted that this entire affair is covered in her latest collaboration with Judith Miller, The Prophecies of Beatrix Potter, which explains the real identity of Squirrel Nutkin and Old Brown.

June 10, 2006   6 Comments

So It Begins

At 8:00AM CDT the National Hurricane Center began issuing advisories on Tropical Depression #1 currently located between the western tip of Cuba and the Yucatan Peninsula. At this time it is predicted to become Tropical Storm Alberto and cross into Florida north of Tampa Bay on Monday.

June 10, 2006   6 Comments