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2006 June 28 — Why Now?
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Cat Food Blogging

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[Editor: I’m fish sitting for a friend in the hospital and wanted to see if I would have as much luck as Andante’s Monday Cat Food Blogging.]

June 28, 2006   9 Comments

No One Could Have Imagined…

That taking vehicles to a desert with 120+ degree temperatures and sand storms and driving them 24/7 while they are being hit by small arms fire, RPGs, and shrapnel from IEDs might increase the amount of maintenance costs and reduce the assumed life cycle of the equipment.

Apparently Rummy classed that as an “unknown unknown” because CBS reports that Army Equipment Costs Triple, and Donny forgot to put that in his regular DoD budget request.

I’m beginning to suspect that the Pentagon still hasn’t figured out the implications when the Iraqis failed to throw rose petals and start building Wal-Marts after Rumsfeld’s invasion-on-a-dollar-a-day.

The problem is that Rumsfeld never read the right book: The Science of Victory [Наука Побеждать] by A. V. Suvorov.

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June 28, 2006   6 Comments