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2006 June 04 — Why Now?
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The Constitution Under Siege

In an apparent hope to hang on to the quarter of the voters who refuse to see the writing on the wall, even after the wall has collapsed on them, the Shrubbery is pushing his hate agenda attacking the Constitution.

As far as the “marriage amendment” goes, the Evangelicals should look to their own house. Florida has a “no-fault divorce” to avoid hiring all the judges they would need to handle the old-style divorce. People were waiting longer for a divorce than they spent married under the old system. Looking at the divorce statistics it’s fairly obvious that the “Red states” have a problem with marriage that isn’t going to be solved by passing amendments.

When they have finished talking about marriage, which has never been a Federal concern, they want to talk about “flag burning” which is, yet another waste of time and resources. There has never been a massive amount of flag burning, burning is the proper method of disposing of the flag under current rules, we don’t even have a law establishing the rules for making a flag, so this is a totally stupid waste of time and resources, that we do not have in any great quanity.

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The State Guard

I stumbled across the Vermont State Guard while doing some research on the Alabama National Guard deployment.

They are a volunteer group that takes up the slack when the National Guard is deployed. The majority seemed to be former military people, many retired from the regular military, and they can’t be tapped for national service.

After what the Shrubbery has done, I can see this model taking hold in many states. Losing the people and equipment they had planned on having during disasters, has affected the states negatively.

The current structure of the National Guard didn’t anticipate Rumsfeld and the Shrubbery. Perhaps the states should consider their options.

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Passing the Plate

Florida License Plates

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Standard Florida Plate

A weekend feature of Why Now.

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