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The Constitution Under Siege — Why Now?
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The Constitution Under Siege

In an apparent hope to hang on to the quarter of the voters who refuse to see the writing on the wall, even after the wall has collapsed on them, the Shrubbery is pushing his hate agenda attacking the Constitution.

As far as the “marriage amendment” goes, the Evangelicals should look to their own house. Florida has a “no-fault divorce” to avoid hiring all the judges they would need to handle the old-style divorce. People were waiting longer for a divorce than they spent married under the old system. Looking at the divorce statistics it’s fairly obvious that the “Red states” have a problem with marriage that isn’t going to be solved by passing amendments.

When they have finished talking about marriage, which has never been a Federal concern, they want to talk about “flag burning” which is, yet another waste of time and resources. There has never been a massive amount of flag burning, burning is the proper method of disposing of the flag under current rules, we don’t even have a law establishing the rules for making a flag, so this is a totally stupid waste of time and resources, that we do not have in any great quanity.

The government is running huge deficits, the military is in serious trouble, the infrastructure is crumbling from neglect, and these idiots feel a need to “rally their troops” with this kind of stupidity.

Where is the high level conference on AIDS and bird flu? Where is the discussion of re-building the Gulf Coast? What’s to be done about Darfur? It’s not like there is any shortage of problems that are the responsibility of the Federal government on which decisions need to be made.

Instead of doing their job, the Federal government seems hell-bent on intruding into the private lives of Americans. They can’t save you from your bedroom when your house gets flooded because the floodwalls they built failed, but they want to regulate who sleeps together in that bedroom. They can’t get food to you in a week following a disaster, but they want to make sure you’re not burning a flag to start a fire to cook what you have scrounged to eat.

They can’t find the money to fund a communications system that ties together first responders, but they won’t stop throwing money at anti-missile systems that can never work.

It is well past the time when these clowns need to stop hoping they are going to find some magic solution to their intelligence gathering problems and start doing the plodding, detailed work that results in gathering real intelligence. The Canadians can do it, and we used to it.

You are not going to find Osama bin Laden by waiting for him to order a pizza from a little place in Philly, or checking out a book from the library in Lemon Grove. You going to find him by backtracking every lead you can scrape up. It is going to take time, people, and money, but it has always yielded results.

These people need to solve some of the many real problems that actually affect the lives of real people, not wander off into Neverland with the nut cases.


1 Karen { 06.05.06 at 12:08 pm }

Anything Turd-Blossom can THNIK of to tweak his ever diminishing *BASE* is On the Table!

Where are folks with that *charming* interview of Bush where he says this Marriage amendment should be left up to the states….right before the election? Should be made into a nice TeeVee ad for what a waste of time this flip-flopper is on the Taxpayer’s dime.

2 Bryan { 06.05.06 at 1:25 pm }

I realize that I may be in a distinct minority, but I have never felt that the relationships of other people was any of my business. Because of my positions in the military and law enforcement, I was occasionally required to listen to other people’s problems in this area, but I always stressed that it was none of my business and it would not become my problem.

There are too many real problems and concerns that need to be addressed. It’s hard enough to get these people to show up and do any meaningful work to waste what little time they devote to their jobs on this kind of dreck.

3 Jack K. { 06.05.06 at 2:07 pm }

…it is as it was, eh? These guys have always been about cheap symbolism where the means is more important that the ends, and my only surprise during this period of dropping poll numbers is that it took them this long to get back to their efforts to pander to their fundy base…

4 larkohio { 06.05.06 at 3:06 pm }

I find this as smoke and mirrors to distract us from the very real issues confronting us right now. It is blatantly wrong to discriminate against gay people. It accomplishes nothing, but divides us more.

I wish the administration would focus energy on finding a way out of Iraq, health care, raising the minimum wage, and other more pressing problems.

5 Bryan { 06.05.06 at 5:36 pm }

Sooner or later the “base” will figure out it is being played and the cards will come tumbling down. Pandering is all they know because there certainly aren’t any successes looming on the horizon.

Lark, it is wrong to discriminate against anyone for any reason. People need to start thinking about civil rights, not the rights of any group. They are going after minorities groups that can’t mount a significant defense.