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In every era there are “celebrities”, people who are famous for being famous. They have no particular talent that qualifies them for their notoriety, but they seem to get paid to appear at media events, to get into movies, write columns and/or author books while people who have, at least, a modicum of actual talent go unknown outside of a circle of friends.

Recently the ranks of “celebrity” have been swelled by professional haters: people whose only identifiable trait is their bile. While they spew their venom, they attempt to resurrect many of the dead villains of the past, portraying them as misunderstood heroes who are victims of coordinated campaigns of traitors. These people would seem to believe that they can burnish their tarnished “shields” by claiming they are misunderstood like their dead idols.

There is no nadir to their behavior. Every time you think they have reached the bottom of baseness available to anything remotely human, they manage to dig deeper.

There are times when I truly regret my belief in the right of free speech.


1 Steve Bates { 06.08.06 at 12:59 pm }

There’s an anagram of that person’s name floating around the ‘sphere that suggests she is not biologically female. I’ve known some transgendered people through Democratic Party circles, and I assert that associating that person with any of them in any way whatsoever is a scurrilous slander of the worst sort.

But let her speak unimpeded. It isn’t our cause that she embarrasses when she opens her mouth. I doubt the public can be persuaded, in the long run, that hate is a family value.

2 Bryan { 06.08.06 at 3:54 pm }

It’s annoying that there are an awful lot of people on both sides of any issue who are much more worthy of being given time in spotlight this individual.

Bill Buckley and I disagree about almost everything, but he can, at least, string together words in a meaningful sentence. Some of those words might be chosen for pretentious reasons, but they often reflected a very precise meaning.

Jane Fonda is an example on the other side. She was a B-list starlet with no real grounding in political science. She had a right to her opinion, but no standing to represent any major position.