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Some Bloggers Report

Karen at Peripetia has been doing original reporting on the Rove indictment story that Jason Leopold wrote in Truthout.

Part One and Part Two are up and well worth a read.

Among other skills, Karen is an attorney, so she has the underlying knowledge of the legal system to ask relevant questions, and she has gotten some answers.

Personally, I think the indictment exists, but Fitzgerald is using it to obtain Rove’s cooperation.


1 Karen { 06.23.06 at 3:14 am }

Thanks for the Link – I still think this will be an important story and that Jason will be vindicated. But not soon enough to rescue his coverage of this in some quarters and what with the MSM folks (and liberal bloggers) gunning him down.

But per usual …the MSM is buying the Luskin hype of “no indictment exist” and this *conventional wisdom* is setting in backed up by the WH effort to Buy-time for the upcoming election.

My piece is up but…I am hardly a Daily Kos to get it as much attention as it deserves and whether it will cause folks to re-think this situation. (But every little bit helps. 😀 )

2 Bryan { 06.23.06 at 9:41 am }

This has gone before multiple grand juries. The one Fitzpatrick is currently using is a standard grand jury that only exists to render a judgment on evidence for indictments.

You’re doing a lot of work, I hope other people pick up on it.