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Gulf Coast Views

Scout at First Draft continues to keep the status of New Orleans on people’s mind, because it is not going to get better if people ignore it.

The crew from 3 Old Men have several posts and pictures up from their trip back to the Gulf Coast. They visited the houses they helped build in Mississippi with Habitat for Humanity and then went on to New Orleans.

Folks, things are not fixed, hell, the debris still hasn’t been cleaned up in many areas. You can’t rebuild until you get clearance from FEMA and the insurance companies, and a lot of people want to be sure that the floodwalls are going to hold before they start spending the money. None of that prevents debris removal, but it hasn’t occurred in some places because they are still looking for human remains.

We have been lucky so far, because there is a lot of wind shear that has prevented the formation of storms. There are three possibles out in the Atlantic, but the wind shear has prevented them from developing. Those conditions could change at any point and life could get “interesting” for the Gulf states. It would have nice to have been further along in the clean-up from the 2004 storms, not to mention the 2005.