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A Moratorium

Everyone should just leave Lee Siegel alone for a while. He may be an obnoxious clueless newbie when it comes to the Internet, but anyone who has been “noticed” by both James Wolcott and Michael Bérubé should be given some quiet time to heal.

Come on, he can’t help it, he works for The New Republican. Every one occasionally has to take jobs they don’t like to pay the rent. Some day you might be that desperate. If this doesn’t work out, it will be ad copy for Wal-Mart.


1 Rook { 06.26.06 at 8:18 pm }

See, now…, that was just plain mean.

Seriously, you tell everyone to back off, leave the poor, bloody heap of a man alone, turn around and pour an entire container of salt on his wounds, then proceed to rub it in, all with minimal effort and wordage.

You are a God! I bow at your feet! I am not worthy, I am not worthy!

2 Bryan { 06.26.06 at 11:54 pm }

The take downs were just savage. What’s a little salt after you’ve been put through a wood chipper…twice.