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Another Newbie

Something named Quin Hillyer was apparently assigned to write about the existence of blogs for American Spectator and did such a bang up job of missing the entire point that both Echidne and P.Z. Myers felt annoyed enough to take note.

It would appear that Quin is unfamiliar with search engines or satire. While discussing his opinion of the quality of writing on blogs, he puts forth a nonsense question: “What the heck, for instance, is ‘Echidne of the Snakes’ or ‘Nyarlathotep’s Miscellany’?”

His intent seemed to be to indicate that people have unusual names, occasionally from mythology or literature, for blogs, which is true, but what is the point? How, precisely does the name of a blog reflect on the quality of writing. Does calling his blog Whiskey Bar reduce Billmon’s ability to craft a sentence?

I should just ignore Quin, but people who fail to understand Fafblog shouldn’t be permitted near a keyboard. Mosaic was the beginning of the end of the Internet. Once people started to make it easy to use, the undesirables have been flooding in and being annoying.