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2006 August 01 — Why Now?
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Would You Adopt Pinky?

This is the video I mentioned in the ceiling fan comments.

Can you say “cat fit”…

August 1, 2006   4 Comments

The Military Match-Up

‘Noz pointed to this piece by Lara Deeb, Hezbollah: a primer that gives another view on the organization and the history behind it.

As a former analyst I’m interested in the military segment of Hezbollah. Steve’s Artillery and Bunkers, Billmon’s Punching Above Its Weight, and Badtux’s Third Generation Thinking are all worth reading for their insights.

I’ve looked at the reporting and have formed an opinion that is complimentary to what these people see. This is a light infantry force that seems to operate independently at the platoon and squad level. They probably don’t have a command & control structure to destroy. It would appear that people are assigned to defend a specific zone and have their own supply caches to draw from, rather than a centralized system, meaning there are no supply lines or depots to destroy.

[

August 1, 2006   Comments Off on The Military Match-Up


No matter how amusing you might think it would be to attach a cat toy to a blade on your ceiling fan to entertain your feline friends, DO NOT DO IT!

Consider what would happen if one of your “friends” decided to capture the toy by using you as a tree…not a good idea.

August 1, 2006   11 Comments

Tropical Storm Chris

The third named storm, Tropical Storm Chris popped up over night.

The conditions are not good for a lot of strengthening, but conditions change.

It could make the southern coast of Florida nervous over the weekend.

August 1, 2006   2 Comments