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2006 August 24 — Why Now?
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Dream The Impossible Dream

Today Professor Cole suggested:

And, wouldn’t it be easier for the Israelis to give back the land they stole in 1967 to Lebanon and Syria and make peace, and let the Palestinians have their little state, and pay reparations for 1948, so then they wouldn’t have to try to police all their neighbors all the time? They are getting worse at the policing over time, anyway.

Obviously, this can’t work because it addresses all of the concerns of all of the parties involved, and undercuts all of the justification for the continuing war.

If Israel did this, Hezbollah would have no justification for its militia; the Ba’athists would lose their main justification for continuing to rule Syria; Hamas would have no justification for their militia; al Qaeda would lose one of its foundation issues. If Israel did this, the War On Terror™ would fade into history; so it will never be allowed to happen.

August 24, 2006   7 Comments

The First Round Ends

Mustang Bobby and Robert C. covered the Republican debate between Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher and Attorney General Charlie Crist, with Crist considered the front runner.

And now Bark Bark Woof Woof and Interstate 4 Jamming have repeated with coverage of the Democratic debate between US Representative Jim Davis and state Senator Rod Smith, with no clear advantage in the race.

Robert C. at Interstate 4 Jamming includes links to media coverage of both debates.

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Pluto Sent Down

The Earth Astronomers have demoted Pluto to a dwarf planet ordered it to play in the Kuiper Belt, pushing it out of the big leagues.

There has been no local reaction yet.

August 24, 2006   3 Comments