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2006 August 09 — Why Now?
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Float An Idea

Athenae makes a great point in her look at the Lamont campaign: more floats.

If I had the time and money, Jeff Miller would not go anywhere in the district without something like this following him around.

I’d probably add a few oily hand prints on the truck to go with a series of short hits:

Miller prefers:

  • Corporations over Cobia
  • Tar balls over Turtles
  • Petroleum over Porpoises
  • Natural Gas over Nature’s Grace
  • Profits over Paradise

Just a few reminders of his vote on offshore drilling.

August 9, 2006   3 Comments

Bloggy Stuff

John McKay at archy is approaching his half century and is hoping to achieve 75K hits before then, a couple of weeks. He wants to do it “honestly”, not multiple visits from the same people. If you haven’t dropped by in a while make the effort – the “50” makes people weird so it could get interesting.

I’ve added Anecdotes from a Banana Republic, a Lebanese Riverbend to the roll. She lives in Beirut and has a sense of humor about a very unfunny situation.

August 9, 2006   Comments Off on Bloggy Stuff

Cut To The Chase

Juan Cole on the Connecticut primary: Lieberman’s Defeat

Finally, it is important because whether or not the liberal blogosphere played a significant role in dumping him, many will say that it did. Being perceived as powerful is almost as good as being powerful.

For those who live on another planet, Lieberman is not exactly a champion for the First Amendment or women’s rights, and aligns with Perle, Feith, et al. on foreign policy.

August 9, 2006   4 Comments