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2006 August 03 — Why Now?
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Our Future

Via Culture Ghost a Flash version of Bush’s information age.

August 3, 2006   2 Comments

That Sneaky Commie

Yes, that underhanded commie lover, Hugo Chavez, has hatched a truly despicable plot: Venezuela’s chocolate revolution.

That’s right he has stolen 10 million from the freedom loving oil companies and has used it to convince Venezuelan farmers to grow organic cocoa beans for world-class chocolatiers.

Is there any addiction he won’t feed?

This does justify his purchase of the Su-30s: to protect the cocoa fields.

August 3, 2006   4 Comments

Geek and Blog Stuff

HaloScan has been ignoring me most of the night.

Firefox has just issued its second patch in a week and is up to version

Anne Zook at Peevish is burned out.

Oliver Willis has been having problems and is running a very simple template at the moment.

It may be time to flush the “tubes”.

Oh, there’s a new version of WordPress available, but I’m going to wait for someone else to crash and burn installing it before I make an attempt.

Update: I forgot to add Vestal Vespa to the file of those that have moved on to other things.

August 3, 2006   2 Comments

A New Voice

A couple of days ago the Pensacola Beach Blogger recommended the blog of Daytona Beach News-Journal columnist, Pierre Tristam. I read Candide’s Notebooks and liked it.

I have been questioning the story of the original battle of the current round of the Israel-Lebanon War, and Holden picked up on it with Mom, He Hit Me First!.

Pierre’s post, A Premeditated War-Planned in 2005 adds more evidence that makes me doubt the official version even more by pointing to an article published before the incident.

Mideast Democracy: One Violent Group Finds It Works Fine is an article by Karby Legett in the Wall Street Journal on July 10, 2006 that indicates that Israel had put the border on “high alert” in anticipation of a possible Hezbollah attack. The WSJ is not exactly known as a hotbed of bleeding heart liberal haters of Israel, so I assume they are reflecting information from the Israeli government.

[

August 3, 2006   Comments Off on A New Voice

Still Not Dead

Florida flag
Flag of Florida

Cuba flag
Not the Flag of Florida

Castro’s not dead. His sister says so. His sister is tied into the LOLB [Little Old Ladies in Black] network, so she’s getting better information than the Calle Ocho crowd.

[I’ve always felt the LOLB had the confessional bugged and they go to the first mass to pick up the tapes.]

August 3, 2006   4 Comments