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Atrios noticed that since the last Microsoft patch Firefox hasn’t been seeing updates on BlogSpot sites, you have to hit the reload button. It seems to have gotten better today, but if you are using Firefox you might want to hit reload when visiting Blogger sites.

The marsupial master of minuscule is a bit annoyed about his lack of mention regarding the l’affaire chuck roberts. skippy spent the time to accumulate the sponsors for the Robert’s segment of Headline News, but when the resolution came and kudos were handed out, the “big guys” forgot their “little buddy”.

August 16, 2006   4 Comments

Mass Hysteria

Be afraid, be very afraid, and vote for the party of fear.

Well, Karl should be thrilled as his plan to use fear to win an election is moving right along: Flight diverted to Boston over passenger disturbance

The federal security official for Logan said there was no indication of terrorism and denied reports that the woman had a screw driver, matches and a note referring to al-Qaeda.

The passenger aboard United Flight 923 said she was claustrophobic and became very upset and got into some kind of confrontation with the flight crew, said George Naccara, security director for the Transportation Security Administration for Massachusetts’ airport.

Rumors are reported as facts. Money is wasted on false alarms.

This is a “terror” campaign orchestrated from the White House. The whole network of al Qaeda Inc. knows it doesn’t have to do anything: Karl Rove will generate all of the “terror” necessary until after the election, so there’s no need to do anything except issue a few “press releases.”

I’m sure everyone has noticed that the Crayons come out at election time. We can’t be at yellow alert if there are important primaries.

Update: See August’s latest cartoon.

August 16, 2006   4 Comments

Pointless Wars And Insider Trading

From Time: In Israel, the Political Casualties Start to Mount

The Lebanon cease-fire is holding for a second day, but the casualties in Israeli politics are just starting to mount. Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff Dan Halutz, an ex-fighter pilot who was the chief strategist of Israel’s less-than-satisfactory war against Hizballah, is still catching flak for Israel’s failure to deliver a killing blow to Hizballah during the four-week campaign. But Haltuz is now in deep trouble on the home front as well, where he stands accused of an unusual case of insider trading that some might argue borders on war profiteering.

On Tuesday the Israeli newspaper Ma’ariv claimed that three hours after Hizballah fighters ambushed an Israeli patrol, killing eight soldiers and kidnapping two others – the event that triggered the war – Haltuz called his stock broker and asked him to sell off nearly $30,000 of his shares. Haltuz got his money out just in time; the Tel Aviv stock market fell by over 8% in the first two days of the war.

I’ve been in shooting wars and so was my Dad. We have both owned stock. I know that I didn’t, and don’t remember my Dad ever calling a broker because we had been alerted to go to a war footing.

I admit that I always get cash out if I think a hurricane is heading my way, but I don’t call a broker.

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Commerce While Brown

They are at it again: Feds Question Pakistani Men’s Purchase Of Prepaid Phones, but this time the Feds “nipped it in the bud” before a local prosecutor got involved.

In the dim, dank days of Reagan I occasionally watched television while living in California. There was a guy who had a comedy routine that centered around altering the lyrics to familiar tunes that he played on a guitar.

One of my favorites was Buying a 7-11, to the tune of Stairway to Heaven:

[

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