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2006 August 25 — Why Now?
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Update 1: I forgot about Badtux’s post, That Iranian nuclear program… that was supposed to be part of this.

Update 2: The Christian Science Monitor: Study calls Iran ‘biggest beneficiary’ of US war on terror.

Professor Cole vents some spleen about the House Republican report on the lack of intelligence concerning Iran.

The House ?Intelligence? Committee missed a few realities. Dr. Cole directs them to Larry Johnson’s piece, Republican Chutzpah on Iran, which points out that the Republican White House blew the cover on the CIA asset most involved with Iran’s WMD program – Valerie Plame’s network.

I would add that we would certainly know more if our “friends” in Pakistan had allowed us to talk to Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, the man who sold Iran much of their nuclear research equipment.

Of course, the scorched earth policy of Porter Goss, eliminating many of the experienced people in the CIA who didn’t toe the Republican line on Iraq, certainly didn’t help, nor did saddling a HUMINT agency with a SIGINT spook for a boss.

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The Mess Continues

So the Israel army chief admits failures, while Olmert tries on “support the government or the terrorists win” from Karl Rove’s playbook.

Just to make everything even more complicated, Syria warns over UN peacekeepers. Syria says if they station UN peacekeepers along the Lebanon-Syria border, they will close the border to everyone. Lebanon gets most of its imports from or through Syria.

While France boosts Lebanon peace force by two battalions and Italy has promised 3,000 troops, Chirac wonders where the massive UN peacekeeping force augmented by 15,000 Lebanese troops are going to stay in the relatively small area that has been pounded to dust by recent combat.

There are few passable roads, fewer bridges, a much reduced number of buildings, cluster munitions and land mines all over, little electricity or drinking water, but they are is now going to have 30,000 “visitors”.

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Tropical Storm Ernesto

As of 4:00PM CDT the Gulf Coast has a concern called Tropical Storm Ernesto.

Currently it is north of Venezuela, but the current track has it passing just south of Cuba and entering the Gulf of Mexico as a hurricane.

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In Freedom? Yeah right. Badtux feels that there is a problem in the government position expressed in the BBC article, US charges Hezbollah TV provider

A US businessman has been charged with offering broadcasts of Hezbollah’s al-Manar satellite television station to customers in the New York-area.

Javed Iqbal, originally from Pakistan, is accused by prosecutors of doing business with a terrorist entity.

Glenn Greenwald, as an attorney, might wonder why this screed by Walter E. Williams doesn’t get Townhall classified as a “terrorist entity”. I would think that a call to eliminate the people and nation of Iran with nuclear weapons would fit the definition used for Al-Manar: advocating violence.

You have to wonder about these decisions, especially since Quotations From Chairman Mao Zedong and Mein Kampf are readily available.

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Mayfield to Retire

CNN reports that Max Mayfield, director of the National Hurricane Center, is retiring:

Max Mayfield, who oversaw the nation’s tropical-storm forecasting during the Atlantic’s most destructive period on record, said Friday that he will retire.

Mayfield, 57, told his staff he will retire in January but had no single reason for leaving the center, which he has led since May 2000.

“I’ve been here 34 years and as Forrest Gump said in the movie, ‘I’m tired and I want to go home,”‘ The Miami Herald reported on its Web site.

Max is very familiar to those of us who live on the Gulf Coast. You have to wonder if all of the attempts to reduce the capabilities of NOAA played a part in his decision.

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Friday Cat Blogging

A Cat’s Tail

Friday Cat Blogging

It isn’t too long, I’m just too short for it.

[Editor: Ringo’s tail is absurdly long for her size. It is at least 3 inches longer that Sox’s and she weighs less than half as much as he does.

Friday Ark

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