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The people in charge are a bunch of sniveling cowards who shouldn’t be in charge of anything more dangerous than a cotton ball.

Pierre provides an erudite version in his post, When Terror Is the Foil, but John Rogers at the Kung Fu Monkey lays it out, down and dirty, in his post, “Wait, Aren’t You Scared?”.

They couldn’t rescue people in New Orleans until the “security situation was stabilized,” because military chopper pilots who dropped through hell to hit a hot LZ for a med evac would be too intimidated to chance the possibility of a gun shot!?! If they hadn’t blocked them, there were dozens of “good ol’ boys” from the bayous with their jon boats ready to help, and if you shot at them you better duck, because they would shoot back.

These people are cowards. They want you to be afraid so you won’t notice the yellow stripe running up their back or the yellow puddle around their feet.

They think torture works because they know they would spill their guts if even threatened with pain. They don’t want to admit that most of the rest of the world has more guts than they can imagine. These are people who couldn’t handle a month old feral kitten with an attitude. They don’t have military service because they were afraid of being hurt. They need drugs, including alcohol, to get through the day. When faced with a challenge they freeze.

The only way to end the threat is to determine the real source of the threat and neutralize it. If you retaliate against the wrong target, you create a new enemy, which increases the problem rather than reducing it.

These WATBs don’t know how anything works, so they propose every worthless, time-wasting concept that comes before them, looking for a shortcut. They have such short attention spans that they aren’t interested is getting cooperation from the rest of the world and tracking down leads to find out what really happened and who was responsible. They think they can just order people to do what they want.

I’m not afraid. If terrorists come after me, hey, this is Florida, I get to shoot them in the Wal-Mart parking lot.


1 Karen { 08.13.06 at 10:24 am }

But according to *homeland security* Cotton Balls are dangerous (as part of one of these liquid explosive devices) …so maybe that’s being a tad TOOooo generous with these ineptitudinous-cretins we’ve got running things.


2 Bryan { 08.13.06 at 12:28 pm }

Anyone who can’t tell the different between a cotton ball and “gun cotton” should be “culled to improve the breed.”