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Her First Endorsement

Mike Thomas of The Orlando Sentinel endorses some candidates. You don’t have to be a Floridian to appreciate his logic, especially his reason for endorsing Cruella de Harris in the Republican Senate primary.


1 John B. { 08.31.06 at 9:49 pm }

Gotta ask ya, Bryan. Who for governor on the Demo ballot? I think I’m leaning for Davis but I’m not impressed with either. Let’s hope the office makes the man.

2 Bryan { 08.31.06 at 11:14 pm }

The problem I have with Rod Smith is that he seems to be working for big sugar.

Davis is not exactly an ideal candidate, but we already have a congressclown beholden to agribusiness, I hate to get a governor, even a Democrat, also in their pay.

We can’t get anyone from the coast to run, so they just forget about us.

3 Steve Bates { 09.01.06 at 12:43 am }

By Mike Thomas’s reasoning, I should vote for Kinky Friedman for Texas governor. Ain’t gonna happen… Kinky won’t be governor, and I won’t vote for him. The Democratic candidate, Chris Bell, would actually make a good governor, for many of the same reasons he was a good city councilmember and later a gooda congressman, but of course these days his skills, honesty and dedication have no bearing on whether he has a chance. At least in the polls he’s doing a bit better than Kinky, and a lot better than Grandma.

Katherine Harris’s campaign is like a really bad TV sitcom: you hate yourself for watching at all, but you can’t help laughing at some of the lines.

4 Bryan { 09.01.06 at 12:32 pm }

Actually, Steve, these are primaries coming up Tuesday, so it’s not the final say, and even without my vote Bill Nelson is going to win against anyone the Republicans run against him, because he’s more of a moderate Republican than Democrat.

Voting for Kinky isn’t the same. Unlike Cruella, Kinky knows he’s a joke.