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Over the Shark and Around the Bend

These people are mad – stark, raving, bonkers!

CNN records the pathology in Sen. Burns: Terrorists drive taxis by day, kill at night and Bush: U.S. in fight against single, worldwide terrorist network.

Yeah, okay. It must be Yellow Cab. because they seem to be everywhere. Instead of tapping telephones we’ll monitor the taxi radios, and instead of airports, we’ll watch cab stands.

I know, let’s reduce the lead in the DC water system and start adding Thorazine®. The world would sleep better at night.


1 andante { 08.31.06 at 7:56 pm }

Down here, it’s the Red Bird cab company….holy cow!!! RED alert!!!

2 Bryan { 08.31.06 at 8:07 pm }

Where do they get these ideas? Only one President and one hundred Senators in a country with 300 million people and we end up with wackos.

Red Bird, hmmm, sounds like something left over from the Cold War.

3 jillian { 09.02.06 at 9:46 am }

Here in Santa Barbara there is a new cab company that seemingly opens up every day. (More than likely to shuttle the UC Spoiled Brats around)

yellow. rose. gold. checker. blue dolphin. rockstar. seaside. beachside. california. fiesta. liberty. absolute. crown. flybynight. economy. a1.

Geez. I didn’t know there were so many terrorists in town. ooohhh….I’m scared now.

4 Bryan { 09.02.06 at 2:56 pm }

Arnold’s your governor and the “Big One” could happen at any time, but you should worry about taxi drivers? These people really live in their own universe.