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Friday Cat Blogging — Why Now?
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Friday Cat Blogging

A Moocher

Friday Cat Blogging

Oh, Hi! Will dinner be soon?

[Editor: I know who this young lad belongs to, and she won’t be pleased to have to come over and collect him again. He is a clever young thing and manages to get out about once a month to see if the food is better elsewhere.]

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Samantha, beloved friend of Steve and Stella.


1 hipparchia { 03.19.10 at 12:44 am }

dining out is always more fun.
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2 Badtux { 03.19.10 at 1:21 am }

I had an escape artist that was always getting out and mooching dinner off the neighbors, a friend of the family gave him to us when I was about 18 and I hauled that cat all over the country. He looked a lot like The Mighty Fang (he was a black cat ), except he was much smaller (8 pounds vs. 18 pounds!) and much fluffier. And seemed to have a sixth sense for when I was about to open the door from the outside… even though I soon learned to block the door with my foot, sometimes he’d manage to jump over my leg just right to make it out and scoot for under the neighbor’s house. He’d come back when he got hungry, but that’s the only way I’d ever get him back, and once he stayed gone for most of a week by mooching food from various neighbors. Unfortunately he got worms from eating critters that he killed, and the medicines for dealing with that back then were primitive and ruined his digestive system, I think that had something to do with why he died relatively young…

I’m lucky that neither TMF nor Mencken are escape artists. The only thing they want to do with the Great Outdoors is observe it from my second-story balcony. Trying to keep an 18 pound cat from escaping would be like trying to wrestle an alligator, methinks…
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3 jams O'Donnell { 03.19.10 at 3:19 am }

I wonder if he’ll be as good at the scrounging game as Ted is. But there is nothing like eating out!
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4 cookie jill { 03.19.10 at 11:20 am }

Love the little white toesies.
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5 Bryan { 03.19.10 at 10:39 pm }

Hipparchia, he has forgotten that the price of the meal is a bath when he goes home. His roommate has a “thing” about fleas.

If TMF wanted out he could just take out the door. Sox goes out occasionally, but not very far after getting cornered a couple of times by some of the ferals who didn’t learn to share in kittengarten.

I know of three other neighbors he “visits” before he shows up around my house, Jams, so he gets a movable feast.

And they will be very white after the mandatory bath that is coming, Jill.

6 oldwhitelady { 03.21.10 at 8:09 am }

Aw, what a cute kitty. It looks like it’s pretty darned friendly, too. I guess it figures all those other kitties probably know where to find the good food.
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7 Bryan { 03.21.10 at 8:12 pm }

Actually I had to wait for him to stop rubbing against my legs before I could get a picture. A very friendly cat.