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2010 March 29 — Why Now?
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Things Are Getting Weird

I mentioned the last minute filing of a Democrat for the special election to fill the state house position that was vacated by the incumbent’s legal problems. Well, Jan Fernald is actually running. I got a call from her phone bank today, the first time I have received a live person political call since I’ve been back in Florida. The Republicans just use robo-calling.

On top of that, I had the TV on while I was working at my Mother’s in hopes of news, and I heard an ad from Allen Boyd, the Blue Dog who represents the neighboring Florida District 2. Allen was trumpeting his vote for the Health Insurance Law. If you click to his official web site, you will see he’s also doing it there. He obviously doesn’t think it’s a negative.

Things are definitely getting strange.

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Happy Pesach

As Elayne notes on today’s Silly Site, sundown today marks the beginning of Pesach [Passover]. The story is found in the Book of Exodus.

You can, of course, just pop in a DVD of The Ten Commandments, Cecil B. DeMille’s version.

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