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2010 March 18 — Why Now?
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Playing With Pricing

I’m sick of it!

I remember seeing this garbage with candy bars for years – the price stays the same, but the size of the candy bar varies. Then I noticed it in cat food. The price of the largest bag of kibble stayed the same, but the weight went from 20 pounds to 18 pounds, and is now at 16 pounds during the last six months.

Yesterday I saw it with soft drinks – the 24-can box now only contains 20 cans but the price remains the same.

I guess if you sell to WalMart et al. you want to maintain the so-called “low price”.

March 18, 2010   25 Comments

It Isn’t Just The Florida Senate

The Florida House is just as incompetent: House panel passes proposal for insurance to rise without approval

TALLAHASSEE — A proposal to allow property-insurance companies to raise home-owners rates without regulatory approval passed a House committee Wednesday and was amended to include much of an insurance industry wish list.

Its supporters say the proposal would attract more insurance capital to the state and increase options for consumers. A less-ambitious version passed last year was vetoed by Gov. Charlie Crist, who says he’s still against it.

“I fear that you oppose this bill because you have a lack of faith in that free-market system,” said Rep. Ritch Workman, a Melbourne Republican. “A private business will eventually learn when they have charged too much. From the consumer perspective, there are people that would like very much to spend more to get more.”

Mr. Workman wouldn’t know a free market if he fell in it. This is a total waste of time because the insurance companies don’t want to take any risks, and there are risks associated with insuring property in an area that has hurricanes. Mr. Workman is apparently too ignorant to know that risk is the regulator of a market in the absence of actual government imposed rules, and corporations are specifically created to limit risk.

This bill requires people to pay more to get basic insurance, and then pay again for an attorney to actually get the insurance company to pay them what is owed. The only thing that insurance companies pay for are legislators to avoid having to provide what they agree to in their policies.

March 18, 2010   Comments Off on It Isn’t Just The Florida Senate

Iditarod – Day 13

Iditarod map even yearsDan Kaduce is the first rookie at Nome, and Jim Lanier proves you can do this at 69 years of age.

Cim Smyth and the persistent half dozen made it and moved up several places in the process. Wattie McDonald still has all 16 of the dogs that started, and Colleen Robertia is at White Mountain with 14 of her “3Rs” still ready to run. Blake Freking is down to 11 Siberians.

At the back Celeste Davis handed Jane Faulkner the Red Lantern, but it was only a matter of a minute, and it is highly likely that they will settle the issue after Safety with their own race.

At Nome
15 Jessie Royer (6)
16 Aliy Zirkle (50)
17 Sven Haltmann (42)
18 Sonny Lindner (44)
19 Paul Gebhardt (7)
20 Rick Swenson (57)
21 Dan Kaduce (64)R
22 DeeDee Jonrowe (31)
23 Cim Smyth (3)
24 Jim Lanier (43)
25 Bruce Linton (65)
26 Michael Williams, Jr. (59)R
27 Michelle Phillips (36)R
28 Peter Kaiser (67)R
29 Thomas Lesatz (62)
30 Gerald Sousa (48)
31 Robert Nelson (32)
32 Jason Barron (71)
33 William “Middie” Johnson (16)R
34 Matt Hayashida (12)
35 Allen Moore (54)
36 Colleen Robertia (61)R [14 “runts, rejects, rescues”]

[

March 18, 2010   8 Comments