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2010 March 31 — Why Now?
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Who’s Ignorant?

A note to the so-called liberal and progressive A-listers: If you are going to claim that someone is ignorant, you should check your facts first.

Before deciding to join the attack on Carly Fiorina started at a dKos diary for being ignorant and referring to matzo as bread, Digby might wanted to have checked with a rabbi, or the Manischewitz web site, where she would have been told that matzo is “unleavened bread”.

For all of those who keep referring to it as a cracker I would note that if you knew anything about it, you would know that the machine produced product of companies like Manichewitz is not the only form of matzo. There is hand-made matzo that is very similar to pita bread, and other forms that are like flour tortillas.

Since matzo, the bread of haste, was consumed at the Passover seder known as the Last Supper, I would have thought that even those raised in the Christian tradition would know that it is the bread of the “bread and wine”.

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March 31, 2010   8 Comments