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2010 March 24 — Why Now?
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A Programming Note

The cats are annoyed, but not as annoyed as I am about the lack of sleep available to me.

They are re-paving a major road a block away. To avoid annoying drivers, they are doing it at night from 8pm to 4am. The huge machinery they are using in this task is being parked on my tiny little, no traffic street when it is not in use. Because of the size of the machinery, they don’t turn it around. Of course they all have the backup alarms on these vehicles, so that is going all night long. One pass with the roar of diesels, and then the roar is joined by the beeping of the alarms.

There are several large parking lots in the area, lots with plenty of open space, thanks to the Hedgemony and the GOPression, but they would rather park this stuff on a quiet, residential side street. 😡

March 24, 2010   4 Comments

There’s No Change Like No Change

You would have thought that with all of the rocks that have been turned over in the local political scene lately, and all of the “evil doers” discovered among the political class, as well as the rise of the “Tea Party Movement”, there would have been some changes made by voters.

You would be wrong. The local Republicans selected Matt Gaetz, the son of the current state senator for the area, Don Gaetz. He was the choice of the good ol’ boy network and they awarded him with an obscene amount of money.

The election will be in April, when three-quarters of the current legislative session is over, and there will have to be another election in the Fall. This is absurd and has cost the county a lot of money for these special elections.

We should just select someone at random from the jury pool. It would be a lot cheaper and the individual couldn’t get much worse than what we’ve had in the past.

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