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A Programming Note — Why Now?
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A Programming Note

The cats are annoyed, but not as annoyed as I am about the lack of sleep available to me.

They are re-paving a major road a block away. To avoid annoying drivers, they are doing it at night from 8pm to 4am. The huge machinery they are using in this task is being parked on my tiny little, no traffic street when it is not in use. Because of the size of the machinery, they don’t turn it around. Of course they all have the backup alarms on these vehicles, so that is going all night long. One pass with the roar of diesels, and then the roar is joined by the beeping of the alarms.

There are several large parking lots in the area, lots with plenty of open space, thanks to the Hedgemony and the GOPression, but they would rather park this stuff on a quiet, residential side street. 😡


1 hipparchia { 03.25.10 at 12:18 am }

ugh. i hate those backup alarms.

you don’t [generally] have to get permission to park on the right of way, you do have to get permission to park on private property which, unfortunately, most parking lots are.
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2 Kryten42 { 03.25.10 at 12:47 am }

That’s funny! The same thing (almost) is happening here since last week! They are building a new housing estate a couple blocks away, and all night all I hear is *beep-beep-beep… *CRASH!!!* beep-bee… *SMASH!!* etc! They should be bloody grateful I can’t get my hands on C4 anymore… though, I could make my own… if I could be bothered! 😛 😉

You have my sincere sympathies m8!

Though… this is only one minor annoyance I have ATM! The LM site I am working on is down because the domain has been hijacked. I finally sorted it, but have to wait upto 72 hours for the change to propagate. Not happy! And the wonderful Gov agency that is supposedly supervising my rehab have decided just to make my life hell! I assume to either get me to quit early, or I just die and the problem goes away! 😐

Not happy!!

3 Steve Bates { 03.25.10 at 9:05 am }

That sort of road construction noise is beyond aggravating; indeed, if it goes on for a few months, it can be life-changing. Some 30+ years ago I lived about three blocks from the construction of the Hwy 288 – Interstate 610 (S  Loop E) interchange. Pretty much 24×7 it was the grinding noise of large equipment, the beeping (bleeping?) of back-up alarms, and… this was the worst… the sound of pile drivers (?) implanting large pillars to support the overpasses. POUND… POUND… POUND… I felt as if I’d been consigned to Hell. Just about the time the highways and interchange were completed, I moved elsewhere… great timing on my part.

4 Bryan { 03.25.10 at 1:57 pm }

The good news is that my Mother isn’t home at the moment. If she were, it would be the machinery all night and then listening to my Mother complain about it every time I dropped in to see how she is.

Kryten, everyone knows that benefits are there to make people feel good about government, not to be used. The only people who actually use the benefits they are entitled to are worthless lay-abouts, not the taxpayers who have been financing the benefits for years before they needed them. 😉

You would be surprised about the people, even in the military, who think that military retirees are getting “free” medical care. Like putting up the military for twenty years or more and dealing with a war or more hasn’t paid for the medical care.

I know the feeling, Steve, every time they head out to the long ranges and drop bombs. I’m surprised how much of the vibration is transmitted through the sand when they blow up. The MOAB was detonated almost 20 miles away, and I felt it and heard it. It must be hell for people who actually have bedrock underneath them.