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2010 March 23 — Why Now?
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The Senate Bill Is Law

And it was the worst of the two bills rewarding the health insurance corporations.

A news flash for all those people who think that this bill stops insurance companies from canceling policies when a policy holder gets sick – the same language has been in effect for decades, and the companies use the “fraud” loophole to cancel policies now, so they’ll continue to do it. Nothing changed on rescission.

Under this bill people are required to buy insurance, but companies aren’t required to sell it. That isn’t a level playing field.

You can’t be excluded for pre-existing conditions, but there is no limit on what you can be charged, so you won’t be able to afford what is offered. You will get dumped in a high risk pool and pay a lot of money for insurance you won’t be able to use because you won’t have the money for the deductibles and co-pays. Congratulations, you’ll have insurance, but still won’t have health care.

This bill isn’t the foundation for anything. It can’t be fixed, it can only be replaced. It ignores all of the real savings that are available to reduce the cost of health care by eliminating all of the middle men who are costing the US between $300 and $500 billion per year.

For all of the A-listers who obviously don’t know: the American Medical Association is made up of the 30% of doctors who have paid off their college loans and are part of the investor class, and the AARP is an insurance broker. Of course they support this piece of garbage, it’s good for their bottom line.

March 23, 2010   10 Comments

Dealing With The Likud

Jack. The Grumpy Forester is right, Biden should have left Israel immediately.

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon is right the Israeli settlements violate international law.

Mary at Pacific Views provides a sampler of related posts.

It is difficult to understand why Obama would hold a meeting with Bibi at the White House after Netanyahu’s brother-in-law calls Obama ‘anti-Semitic’.

After such a blatant insult to the government of the United States, we should have reduced out diplomatic presence to the consulate in Tel Aviv, and called the US ambassador home.

I would be really interested in knowing what Israel has done for the US? Seriously. What benefit has the US ever derived from our support for the nation of Israel? Where is the return on our investment?

March 23, 2010   11 Comments