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Bye Bye, Bibi — Why Now?
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Bye Bye, Bibi

Ha’aretz reports: Netanyahu leaves U.S. disgraced, isolated and weaker.

Bibi can’t control his foreign minister; his interior minister was the one who actually insulted Joe Biden; his brother-in-law called Obama anti-Semitic; and the city government in Jerusalem torpedoed his emergency trip to mend fences with the US.

Netanyahu is not in charge of his government, and everyone can see it. The Palestinians can truthfully say there is no one in Israel to negotiate with, so there is no point in talking.

From the US point of view, Israel has twice insulted the current administration and refuses to honor its previous commitments.

Bibi should just call an election and bow out. He isn’t even getting respect from his own coalition partners.


1 cookie jill { 03.25.10 at 11:54 pm }

He apparently couldn’t control his “little” minister, either. I believe that he had quite the messy affair a few years ago.
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2 Bryan { 03.26.10 at 12:09 am }

As soon as you become a party leader in Israel the open a case file to find out what kind of criminal you are. They all have pending corruption probes when they take office. The skillful ones manage to stall the proceedings until after elections.

Just like the US, they are all honest upstanding family people… until they get caught.