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Say What!

McClatchy tells us the un-news that a Republican Senator is a jerk, Mad over health care, North Carolina’s Burr scuttles hearing, but what really ticks me off is this bit:

Senate rules prohibit committees from meeting after 2 p.m. unless there is unanimous consent. Such consent usually occurs with no problem, but around lunchtime today, Burr stepped in.

I have had “Senate rules”. The Senate rules are designed by lazy slugs, for lazy slugs. The rules are designed to prevent useful work from getting done. Until these guys start putting in some 40-hour weeks, stop the months of paid vacations and the unlimited travel budgets, nothing is going to get done. They are contracted for six years and the job is in Washington. They should get Federal holidays and 4 weeks of vacation.

They have been creating rules so they don’t have to work and then complaining that nothing gets done. It’s time they started pulling their weight.